New Zealand blackcurrants contain the highest levels of anthocyanins than any other variety grown in the world. This is due to high intensity natural UV light, a pristine environment, perfect growing conditions and unique varieties, which combine to make New Zealand blackcurrants the richest source of blackcurrant polyphenolic compounds available.

Research now indicates a key support role for anthocyanins, the polyphenolic class found in blackcurrant fruit, in metabolic and physiological processes essential to health well being and an active longevity.

These include…
• At the cellular level – inhibitors of oxidative stress and DNA damage, key elements in the onset of cardiovascular disease, cancer and neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinsons’s and Alzheimer’s.

• In brain function – enhanced cognitive performance, short term memory and neurogenesis.

• In eye function – reducing eye lens opacity, visual fatigue and enhancing visual performance including acuteness in night vision.

• In cardiovascular function- supporting blood flow via a vasodilation response improving blood circulation to peripheral muscles, reducing muscle fatigue and the onset of soreness during and post exercise.

Not only are New Zealand blackcurrants a natural source of blackcurrant polyphenols available they also outperform acai, goji, pomegranate, grape seed, pine bark, bilberry and blueberry in anti oxidant potency.

You can now buy blackcurrants in a convenient powder form online from

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