Computers, videogames and cell phones are the favoured communication conduits and recreational playgrounds of everyone from Gen X down. Wonderful technology but high usage can come with a price; known variously as visual eye fatigue or focus freezing (aka asthenopia)…
…And what could this have to do with kids eating blackcurrants?

Scientists in Japan, concerned with the growing prevalence of asthenopia, have carried out major research at the Nishikasai Inouye Eye Hospital. Clinical trials have established that taking New Zealand-grown Blackcurrants reduced asthenopia (the fixed focus that creates visual fatigue).
The active ingredient in the Blackcurrants is the purple-black group of antioxidants called anthocyanins and the trials gave each person the equivalent of 50mg of anthocyanins per dose. (Equivalent to the content of two dessertspoons of frozen berries or a juice concentrate equivalent.)

This means that providing school children with foods including Sujon Blackcurrants could have a beneficial effect on learning in areas of high computer use.

But we’re not suggesting caterers become pharmaceutical purveyors! Blackcurrants are a totally natural food and rightfully could be part of any 5+ a day diet regardless. But this research resonates well with the young people and it’s a colourful inducement for them to select a good food or drink over a less desirable one. A nice win-win all round.

Smoothies are a great way to deliver the anthocyanins in Sujon Blackcurrants.

If parents, menu planners, school dieticians or caterers want further advice on anthocyanin levels in Blackcurrants they can contact

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