Japanese women (and men) are now taking a blackcurrant extract that reduces dark rings from under the eyes and stops eye-tiredness from sitting at computer and video game screens.

The not-so secret ingredient is a special antioxidant in dark coloured foods called anthocyanin: it dilates and relaxes blood vessels, especially around and in the eyes! And the extract Japanese are using is taken from pure New Zealand Blackcurrants!

In New Zealand and around the world we can get the same benefits: just get a teaspoon of Sujon Blackcurrant Powder or a large handful of Sujon frozen Blackcurrants to get the equivalent goodness from the extract available in Japan. The powder is available from our website http://www.sujon.co.nz/powder.htm. If you live in New Zealand, then check out our blog http://bit.ly/7RDo1e to see where you can buy frozen blackcurrants in your area.

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