This is so easy it’s embarrassing when people ask you for the recipe. It tastes creamy but it’s got no fat added and it tastes so good you can’t believe it’s good for you. It’s a superb breakfast drink or can be watered down more for a very relaxing non-alcoholic drink on a hot summers night. And it could be the ideal next-morning pick-you-up: Blackcurrants relax blood vessels in the body, and hangover headaches are caused by blood vessels tightening around the grey matter. So if you feel better you know why!

You need:
I cup Sujon Blackcurrants
1 cup chopped apple (leave skin on but take out the core)
1 cup apple juice
1 cup ice cubes
What to do:

– Add all to blender and blend for minute or so until creamy and no large fruit pieces left.
– Stir occasionally if it’s left sitting before drinking.
– Go for it!

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