Blackcurrants are GOOD for asthma sufferers!

Posted: June 17, 2010 in anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, asthma, berries, Blackcurrant, Blackcurrants, Food, food research
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Abstract Conclusion
Do you suffer from asthma? Then maybe you should try blackcurrants… Latest research findings support the potential for blackcurrant polyphenolic compounds to reduce eosinophil recruitment and alleviate eosinophilic-driven airway inflammation, which means blackcurrants are GOOD for asthma sufferers!

Blackcurrant proanthocyanidins augment IFN- -induced suppression of IL-4 stimulated CCL26 secretion in alveolar epithelial cells Molecular Nutrition & Food Research Early View – May 2010 Suzanne M. Hurst, Tony K. McGhie, Janine M. Cooney, Dwayne J. Jensen, Elaine M. Gould, Kirsty A. Lyall, Roger D. Hurst

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