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Blackcurrant powder tastes great in a smoothie!

“As a naturopath working in a local health shop for four years, I have been amazed by the genuine positive feedback from this product, it has been incredibly popular and just had such an amazing enthusiasm and gratitude for it by people utilising it.

As a naturopath I have come to believe one of our greatest health foundations is our diet, so I am so supportive of utilising highly bioavailable nutrients through superfoods. Sujon blackcurrant powder has just been an excellent addition to my own diet, and I certainly recommend it. Being so rich in bioavailable vitamin c, bioflavonoids, and having an incredible antioxidant activity, which is so protective and important in this day and age, it is a great superfood supplement, that many are using for different advantages.

From my own personal experience also of using it during pregnancy, for all its optimal health benefits, supporting my energy levels, and notably to help keep iron levels up, (vitamin c greatly helps iron to absorb). I take it as a yummy zesty health shot and love it. I have been really impressed.”
– Sharee Dahlberg, Naturopathic Doctor

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“I am a Christchurch Taxi driver and I have always been proud of my eye sight. Now I am 67 and even with new glasses my eye sight has been failing (fuzzy print when reading the paper). Well someone recommended I take Sujon Blackcurrant powder. After using for just over a week my vision is clear, no more fuzzy print plus a bonus of more energy”
Cliff Rumph- Christchurch Taxi Driver

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