Blackcurrant & Tomato Salsa – Recipe

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An exceptionally versatile summer salsa.

This is an exceptionally versatile summer salsa: its intensely vibrant colour and flavour goes well with all grilled meats, especially grilled sausages, as well as cold meats: from smoked salmon to roasted turkey cuts.
And it makes a superb vegetarian summer salad that can be enjoyed with a light chilled off-dry red or rose or a crisp white wine.
Blackcurrants are related to the gooseberry and NZ-grown Blackcurrants have the same flavour molecule in them (methoxypyrazine) as NZ-grown sauvignon blanc: so despite the colour differences NZ Blackcurrants and Sauvignon blanc can pair very well together.

This recipe is from Sophie Grigson’s book ‘Organic – A New Way of Eating’

➢ 200g blackcurrants (this recipe is perfect for the frozen NZ-grown Blackcurrants now available in supermarkets)
➢ 4 teaspoons caster sugar
➢ 1 Tbsp white wine vinegar
➢ Handful shredded mint leaves
➢ 400g tomatoes (skinned seeded and finely diced for an elegant salsa or chopped with skin-on and seed-in for a more robust salsa)
➢ 4 spring onions, thinly sliced
➢ salt and pepper to taste.


1. Put Blackcurrants in pan with sugar and vinegar, Stir over low-medium heat until blackcurrant juices start to run, sugar dissolved and blackcurrants coated in a richly purple-red sweet-sour juice (about 4 minutes: don’t let it catch: slower better than hotter).
2. Take off heat and let cool. Mix all ingredients except half the shredded mint: add salt and pepper to taste.
3. Set aside for an hour before serving.
4. Sprinkle with remainder of shredded mint for serving.

Bill Floyd
Blackcurrant Advisory Service

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