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Sujon Blackcurrants are the berries of Champions and Sujon a Champion of the global blackcurrant industry says the International Blackcurrant Association!

In a world first, an elite national sports team has adopted a Blackcurrant powder as part of its training programme. The Netherlands Elite National Triathlon 2011 team is now using the Sujon blackcurrant powder as part of its training programme and build-up for Olympic qualification. The special formulation if the result of 4 years research and development for the Nelson-Golden Bay based company Sujon Berryfruits. Although the Sujon powder has an affinity with most sports codes international triathletes in particular are adopting it for the high stress the sport’s three disciplines puts on the human body.

New Zealand-based Dutch Sports Medicine practitioner and coach, Dr John Hellemans is contracted to the Dutch National Triathlete team. Dr Hellemans was responsible for a four month training session with the team based in New Zealand. After carrying out an assessment of the science, Dr Hellemans trialled the team on the Sujon blackcurrant powder:

“These athletes place themselves under tremendous physiological stress….includes training in an hypoxic (altitude) environment…the recovery process is paramount…the Sujon blackcurrant powder is natural and safe…the athletes responded favourably to the initial trial…some of the key athletes within the programme won’t (now) train without it,” says Dr Hellemans.

The 2011 Netherlands National Triathlon Elite team became the first national sports team in the world to use a natural Blackcurrant powder as part of their training programme. The powder, developed by New Zealand company, Sujon Berryfruits, assists recovery from physiological stress after training.

Blackcurrants have traditionally been used for cold remedy (based on high Vitamin C content) but the phenomenal purple polyphenols that create blackcurrants legendary colour brilliance also seem responsible for a whole range of physiological function support and especially for recovery after high stress sport training.

But not all blackcurrants are the same and not all powders are the same. Sujon’s powder is developed from a specific cultivar of blackcurrants grown in an area of New Zealand that has the highest average sunshine hours and intense UV light, coupled with high day-night temperature variation during key parts of the growing season. The high UV light causes the blackcurrants to produce high levels of polyphenols for protection of their own DNA. High day-night temperature differences help lock that increased polyphenol content in the berries.

The Sujon blackcurrant powder and its potential to help sportspeople was recognised at the International Blackcurrant Association Conference in Netherlands in May this year with Sujon declared one of the emerging innovation champions of the global blackcurrant industry. 

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