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A new study with mice shows that breast tumours on lab mice was between 60 and 75% smaller when the animals were fed blueberry powder along with their diet.

The good news is that the dosage rate used could be easily obtained in the human diet. The rate used in this research was the equivalent of 300g of fresh blueberries per day for humans (this would be about 2 cups).

More research is required in this field. Interestingly the tumour volume was lower in the group receiving a lower dosage rate of Blueberry powder (300g human equivalent) compared to the mice being fed the higher rate. Although researchers have said that the “difference was not significant” but this does “suggest that there may be an optimal level of blueberry intake”.  

Source: Journal of Nutrition
Volume 141, Pages 1805-1812
“whole blueberry powder modulates the growth and metastasis of MDA-MB-231 triple negative breast tumours in nude mice”
Authors L.S Adams, N. Kanaya, S. Phung, Z. Liu, S. Chen


Well it’s all go these next few weeks for New Zealand Multi-Sport athletes!

From left to right - Richard Ussher, Fleur Lattimore and Trevor Voyce; representing NZ in the Trans Tasman Adventure Racing Trophy this weekend.

The NZ multi-sport Team will compete in the Trans Tasman Adventure Racing Trophy to determine which side of the Tasman reigns supreme in the world of adventure racing at Augusta in Australia this coming Sunday (Nov 6th).

The Anaconda Adventure Race at Augusta is Race 3 of the National Series and is the Southern Hemispheres biggest adventure race with nearly 1700 other competitors also tackling the off road course that includes a 13.5km trail run, 1.9km ocean swim, 13km ocean kayak and 32km mountain bike.

The competition is between Australian and New Zealand adventure racers. Representing New Zealand is the multiple Adventure Racing World Champion Richard Ussher, the undisputed King of Adventure Racing.  Trevor Voyce takes the second spot after winning the recent Baise Leye Outdoor Quest in China and other Kiwi events, and Fleur Lattimore fills the females position after winning the 2011 New Zealand Multisport Championships amongst a multitude of other race victories over the last few years.   They will race as individuals and then times will be compared. The Aussie team is world class having never lost in the Anaconda Series… All we can say from this side of the ditch is watch out Aussies because we have what has to be the strongest team of New Zealanders yet, ready to give it their all! Team Australia and Team New Zealand racer profiles for this race can be found here.

Chris James - NZ Multi-Sport athlete is proud to be wearing the Black Singlet this weekend.

Another of Nelson Multi-Sporter’s Chris “The Sheriff” James, is heading all the way to Vegas to compete in Silverman this Saturday (5th Nov).   The race starts with a 4km swim in Lake Las Vegas, then they head out onto a 120km bike, the first 18 miles is up, but what goes up must come down, however the last 10km of the ride is the steepest, it will be like riding home from Rai Valley, won’t it?. Once off the bike there’s a 30 km run, 4 laps of a figure eight type run with the finish in the middle and 2 hills each lap, yep the Americans are into BIG. You can follow the race on line here.

All of these athletes use Sujon Sport Powder in their training, helping them to train harder and longer. The Team at Sujon wish Richard, Trevor, Fleur and Chris all the very best as they represent New Zealand this weekend. Go for Gold!

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