Training Tips from Simon Thomas- Tasman Makos Strength & Conditioning Coach

Posted: December 9, 2011 in muscle recovery, Sports training, Sujon sport powder, Tasman Makos
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Simon approached Sujon earlier in 2011 as he wanted the Makos to use Sujon Sports Powder. He wanted it because he had heard that it helped muscle recovery and some of the boys had used it in the 2010 season.
With the short turn around in the games of the ITM Cup, muscle recovery during training week and after games was super important.
The team can’t get enough of this Real food as opposed to other products that have been given to them. They believe in Sujon Sport Powder as a muscle recovery supplement and even promote to other guys they’ve been talking to.
Simon recommends this to anyone that’s doing anything that will have a physical tool on their body (running, walking, jumping.. basically all sport) to take Sujon, as, he said – it certainly worked for his guys.

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