XMAS DESSERT RECIPE – Coconut Creme Brulee of Christmas Mince

Posted: December 19, 2011 in berries, Blackcurrants, Christmas Dessert, sujon, Xmas Dessert
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This is a simply delicious fuss free dessert. Brulee literally means “burnt cream”.  Contrary to popular opinion, this dessert isn’t too difficult to make.  I find for best results use individual ramekins to create this creamy, rich, toffee topped French dessert.  Best made the day before.  Caramelise sugar just before serving.

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Blackcurrant and Honey Christmas Mince
1½ cups milk
400ml can coconut cream
2 kaffir lime leaves or 10cm length of lemon peel
6 large egg yolks
¼ cup caster sugar
generous ½ cup raw sugar
long coconut threads – toasted
zest 1 lemon
butter for greasing

Lightly grease 4 x 1 cup ramekins.  Set aside.  In each ramekin, spread 2 tablespoons of Christmas Mince over the base.

Pour milk and cream into a saucepan along with kaffir lime leaves or lemon peel.  Bring to the boil.  Remove from heat.  Set aside to cool.  10-15 minutes.  Remove leaves or peel.

In a large bowl beat yolks and sugar together until thick and creamy.  Slowly pour in cool milk, stirring continuously.  Evenly pour into prepared ramekins.  Place in a roasting dish.  Pour in enough cold water to come half way up the side of ramekins.  Cover baking dish with tinfoil.  Bake at 160ºC for 40-50 minutes or until set.  Custard will have a slight wobble when cooked.  Carefully remove from water and set aside to cool.  Refrigerate.  Just before serving, preheat grill.

Sprinkle top of custards with a thin layer of sugar.  Grill until bubbly and golden.  Stand for 5 minutes, repeat sugar process.  This will give a deliciously thick caramelised top. Garnish with coconut threads, lemon zest and enjoy immediately.  Place a doyley on a decorative saucer, put on Brulee, carefully crack crust to show cream. Yum !!

Happy Cooking!


Information kindly supplied by Anne Morton – Cuisine Advisor, PO Box 30 804, Lower Hutt, 04 586 2766, anne_morton2001@yahoo.com

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