Daniel Buckingham, Wheel Black – Enjoys Taking Sujon Sport Powder

Posted: February 8, 2012 in sujon, Sujon blackcurrants, Sujon sport powder, wheelchair rugby
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“Competing around the world and representing New Zealand for ten years with the Wheel Blacks (aka Wheelchair Rugby), I have put my shoulders through a lot of pain! Turning 30 last year was a bit of a wakeup call…. I still have the passion to perform at the top, but I was noticing it was taking me longer to recover from training sessions. I realised I needed to be proactive about looking after my body, not only to continue to excel, but to make sure my shoulders will keep me moving for the rest of my life. Sujon (Blackcurrant) Sport powder is allowing my training to keep up with my work ethic and I’m waking up every day feeling good.”

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