Some Anti-Cancer Advancements that Everyone Should Know About – Part 2

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Things to avoid, particularly important for women’s health:

1. Alcohol. It increases your breast cancer risk and if you have any cancer of any kind, it is like pouring fuel onto the fire.

2. Parabens (PBAs). Us ladies are particularly vulnerable to these because they are littered in cosmetics and toiletries. They mimick oestrogens and are bad news. Switch to natural products instead. The fewer the chemicals, the better.

Avoid cooking/drinking/storing food in plastic and avoid cling film, even touching it transfers it to our skin.

Avoid cooking/drinking/storing food in plastic and avoid cling film, even touching it transfers it to our skin.

3. Heavy metals in the body. The biggest culprit is amalgam fillings in our teeth โ€“ ask yourself this: How could it have ever been deemed safe to have one of the most poisonous substances known to man in our body (nay, head!) for the majority of our lives? The other problem with this is that root canals and mercury fillings can set up a hotbed and ongoing source of toxicity and inflammation that drip-feeds into your system โ€“ and you may never know it unless you actually go looking for it.
Also, avoid commercial deodorants because they contain aluminium. Look for a natural one instead.

While on the subject of heavy metals, I recently had a toxicity analysis that revealed I had arsenic and aluminium issues. We know the deodorants are responsible for the aluminium โ€“ but agricultural pesticides and fertilisers are responsible for the arsenic. So if you think organic food like fruit and vegetables is a waste of time and money, think again as the nutrition make-up is completly different to the toxic combinations of agricultural pesticides, fungicides, herbicides and everything else that is sprayed onto our non-organic produce. Further to this, see my note on Salvestrols below.

4. Plastics leach chemicals and are particularly bad for women. Avoid cooking/drinking/storing food in plastic and avoid cling film, even touching it transfers it to our skin.

Salvestrols โ€“ a remarkable discovery

Visit to learn more about this amazing superfood.

Visit to learn more about this amazing superfood.

UK scientists recently discovered a new class of natural plant compounds called Salvestrols that were common in our food chain in times past in heritage plants, however have been eliminated by modern farming practices, genetic engineering, food processing practices and hybridisation of our plants.

The scientists who made the discovery analysed supermarket produce and found them absent or present only in very small amounts, but abundant in organic food.

To explain why Salvesterols are important in our diet, cancer cells produce a universal marker called CYP1B1, and when they interact with and metabolise Salvestrols, results in anti-cancer agents that suppress tumour growth by killing the cancer cells.

Their role in plants is to defend against pathogens, primarily fungi, where it destroys it via a similar role as its interaction with CYP1B1 in humans. In a nutshell, Salvestrols are nature’s anti-cancer warriors and daily consumption will assist in fighting off cancer cells, which are constantly present.

Interestingly, there are foods that increase the activity of Salvestrol and one of the best is blackcurrant. So Sujon consumers are onto a winner, because the Sujon Blackcurrant Powder supplement is rich in Vitamin C, Biotin and iron, which upregulates the activity of Salvestrols.

Further reading on the subject: ‘Linking Diet and Cancer: Salvestrols, Nature’s Defence Against Cancer’ by Brian A Schaefer.
Google Salvestrols, there are many distributors in the UK and NZ. Take capsules as a daily supplement. They’re finding they’re excellent for animals with cancer too.

… Watch out for Part 3 of this blog to follow, where we will discuss the Anti-Cancer Diet.

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