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The benefits are numerous, Chia seed one of the most powerful foods imaginable is said to increase brain power and body strength.

Another article - Chia an ancient Superfood RECIPEThe following recipe  makes approx. 2 litres and lasts a week. It’s used by Clifton boxers Nat Stuart and Dawn Dickey before and after training and they say it really helps with their energy levels and recovery.

RECIPE (So simple!)

1/2 cup Chia Seeds

3 cups water

6 Tablespoons Sujon Blackcurrant Powder Supplement



Mix half a cup of Chia Seeds with 3 cups of water and leave in fridge to set, mix 6 Tablespoons Sujon Blackcurrant Powder with warm water to make a smooth paste and then mix paste with Chia seeds, keep in fridge. A nutritional feed when you need ;D


This is the final in this 3-part series. You can view Part 1, click here and Part 2, click here.

Another article - Some Anti-Cancer Advancements that Everyone Should Know About – Part 3Anti-cancer diet guidelines

Have as much organic raw food as possible. Juicing vegetables is a phenomenal way of getting lots of powerful enzymes and nutrients into your body without having to work hard at digesting it.

If you really want to go the whole hog, avoid dairy – switch to goat and sheep milk/cheese, and avoid gluten as well (see my note below on sugar).

Have fish and seafood as one part of your daily meal

Have lots of coconut oil and olive oil (latter is particularly powerful)

Dark chocolate: Eat the highest-percentage cacao chocolate every day. Cacao has been shown to annihilate cancer cells in lab tests. (I stocked up on organic Green and Black’s 85% that night!). Even better, find a sugar-free version. Cacao is also an antioxidant, reduces cholesterol, excellent for depression and powerful for reducing blood stickiness, which is aligned with cancer.

Avocados are fantastic, as are…

Olive and coconut oil

Tahini (check it isn’t combined with canola oil though)

Baked beans (no added salt, sugar)


Sweet potato (use instead of potato, also upregulates salvestrols)

Flax seeds are good for their Omega 3 content, but avoid the oil





Onion family

Green tea (can be bought in tablets), curcumin (superb anti-cancer), olive leaf, high-dose fish or krill oil, high-dose omega 3, cinnamon are also highly recommended supplements.

The biggie is sugar. Sugar feeds cancer.

Here’s something incredible. Otto Warburg discovered in the 1950s that the main biochemical cause of cancer, or the one thing that differentiates it from a normal cell, is oxygen. Normal cells need it, and cancer cells hate it.

Warburg also found that cancer metabolises through a process of fermentation, and in order to do so, requires sugar.

The metabolism of cancer is eight times greater than the metabolism of normal cells so is constantly requiring fuel to feed it. Want to starve your cancer? Insulin plays a critical role in cancer and in order to do so, you must stamp out sugar, including fruit and go easy on your grains too.

Otto was awarded the Nobel Prize for his discovery, so if we’ve known since the 1950s that sugar feeds cancer, why is not common knowledge, and why do we consume so much as a society? Why don’t we know this is a big part of the cancer equation? Does it make sense to have a high carbohydrate diet?

Okay, finally, foods you MUST avoid:

  •  Canola, sunflower, safflower, any polyunsaturated oils are carcinogenic. Check labels because they are in everything in NZ/Aus.
  •  If you are deep-frying, use coconut oil, as most other oils when heated to high temperatures convert to trans fats and are extremely damaging to the body.
  •  There’s nothing good about Bacon and sausages, because of the chemicals in these meats, and having them even once a week, increases cancer risk.
  • Recent news reports on a study has underlined this, stating that eating processed meat every day increases your cancer risk by 44%.

Statistics to think about:

Another article - Some Anti-Cancer Advancements that Everyone Should Know About – Part 3Exercise – super important for us ladies, it can reduce recurrence of breast cancer 60 per cent.

Did you know that eating cooked food suppresses your immune system for two hours?

Further to this, consuming the equivalent of two teaspoons of sugar knocks your immune system for FIVE hours!

ESSENTIAL viewing:

Food Matters, a powerful documentary that will open your eyes forever. Check it out on youtube.

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