Sujon Sport-Lactate Research- ‘Has one of triathlete’s great villains met its match with a kiwi sports powder?’

Posted: June 23, 2014 in muscle recovery, recovery supplement, superfood powder
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Anneke Jenkins, NZ Triathlete “Sujon powder is a perfect boost”

New Zealand Triathlete- Anneke Jenkins, “Sujon powder is a perfect boost”

Lactic acid is the major villain limiting performance during exercise: this is the viewpoint now common to many athletes and coaches worldwide. One of the first to champion this “lactate theory” was one of the outstanding athletic coaches of all time, kiwi sporting icon: Sir Arthur Lydiard. The problem is that the role of lactic acid, consequent muscle acidosis, and physical performance is complex: the mechanisms can be contradictory: necessary but performance inhibiting.

Academics from the UK’s prestigious Department of Sport & Exercise Sciences at the University of Chichester have just completed a well-designed research study on triathletes during cycling, using Sujon Blackcurrant Powder.

The research showed a clear, unequivocal result: that taking the Sujon blackcurrant powder lowered lactate accumulation during the cycling trials for the triathletes. High performance happened with lower lactate, which means faster muscle recovery.

Research leader, Professor Mark Willems from the University of Chichester, summarised the results:
“The results were extremely exciting. I expect impact in the field of Sports Nutrition. We found that intake of the Sujon blackcurrant powder showed substantial reduction in lactate during cycling, and lower lactate accumulation at aerobic capacity. This suggests increased lactate clearance or altered substrate oxidation. Either way, the finds have positive implications for training practice and aerobic performance for endurance athletes,” says Professor Willems.

Professor Willems presented the research results to delegates at the International Society of Sports Nutrition Annual Conference in the USA this month (21 June 2014) and the results will be published in the Society’s Journal.

Mika Vukona, NZ Tall Black - “I recover faster and can train harder the next day with Sujon powder”.

Mika Vukona, NZ Tall Black – “I recover faster and can train harder the next day with Sujon powder”.

As part of the research, athletes were also checked for the effect of the Sujon powder – recovery supplement formulation on cardio-vascular function. “We found that the powder had no negative effect during performance but seems able to assist recovery when at rest. We saw this as another positive outcome sitting parallel to the lactate results,” says Professor Willems.

Sujon Blackcurrant powder is produced by Nelson-based Gibb Holdings. Company Marketing Director Michelle Manson said that the UK lactate research results confirm what the company had found through its own NZ-based research. The company initiated athlete trials with the Nelson Giants basketball team in 2010 and as a result had built an international client base including five teams and individuals that are World Champions in their codes as well as a number of individual country and code champions.

“Many of our customers are supplied under confidentiality agreements and we haven’t been able to promote why they use our Sujon muscle recovery supplement and what the results are,” says Manson. “But this open research by the University of Chichester is wonderful and the results so clear. We expect significant global demand for what is quite a unique New Zealand ‘story’,” says Manson.

“Our formulation is derived from specially selected blackcurrant crops. We believe it’s a certain combination of polyphenol in the blackcurrant crops that produce the results, especially the compounds that produce that intense purple-red colour in blackcurrants: the anthocyanins. These polyphenolic combinations are effected by plant variety, UV intensity, diurnal temperature differences during berry ripening, and the actual processing system to produce the powder. The Sujon powder is truly natural and has no other ingredients in it: it’s a formulation unique to NZ-grown blackcurrants and our processing systems. And we’re thrilled the independent research says it works!” says Manson.

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For more information on this research, including graphs click here.

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