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Winter brings out the ‘hardy’ in all those that go fishing in the colder months; whether it’s wading crotch high in an ice-cold river, turning your back to a wind sharper than your filleting knife as it cuts across the surf, or sitting it out on the back of a boat in the offshore Blue waters of the region.

Sue Gibb catches herself a Kingy!

Sue Gibb catches herself a Kingy!

No matter what you’re wearing some of your extremities get the blues: aka get bloody cold! But how’s this for some Top of the South lateral thinking: solve the “fisher blues extremis” with a dash of purple!

The Gibb family has been berryfruit farmers since the 80’s: John Gibb’s a coaster and his wife Sue a Southern girl but they settled in Nelson in the 1980’s and were pioneering boysenberry farmers in the area. They started freezing fruit for top chefs under their Sujon brand (“Sue and John”) and that lead to freezing blackcurrants for supply to Japan.

The Japanese did some research on this wonderful New Zealand icon berry and found that a magic molecule in it made a woman’s eyes more beautiful: TRUE! The Japanese scientifically proved that a teaspoon of special Blackcurrant purple powder takes away the dark rings under the eyes for half a day. But the Gibb’s looked at the Japanese research and saw something much more kiwi-centric! The Japanese did a trial where they gave a teaspoon of the purple powder to one half of a group of people and then plunged everyone’s hand in an ice bath for a time and then measured the time it took for the blood circulation to return to normal.

And the answer was amazing: the purple powder dramatically improved blood circulation in the extremities.


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Sujon Marketing Manager Michelle Gibb says it’s wonderfully convenient for active fishers: add half a teaspoon to a teaspoon per person to the thermos before you head off for the day and you’ve got a really thirst quenching, circulation-boosting hot tonic, or stir some into your cold water bottle and drink. If you want to know more about this lovely local food hero story have a look at and you can order on line.





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