Lamb Rack with Blackcurrant – Recipe

Posted: October 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

This juicy rack of lamb with blackcurrant and olives on a sweet pumpkin mash with green beans is just delicious. Your guests will love you for it and it is so simple to make.

Serves 2-3


Lamb rack with blackcurrant and olives on sweet pumpkin mash and green beans Recipe another article50g         Sujon Blackcurrants mixed with 50g sugar
50g         Kalamati olives cut into small pieces
40ml       Pinot noir
400g       Pumpkin peeled and cut into wedges
100ml     White wine
100g       Brown sugar
5g           Salt
2g           Pepper
400g       Green beans, sliced
50g         Butter
Rack of lamb
5g           Fresh Thyme &/or Rosemary
10g         Butter

Mix the blackcurrants, sugar and olives. Cook the pumpkin with the wine and brown sugar and season with pepper and salt. When soft, mash to a puree. Blanch the beans and sauté in butter until just tender. Season with pepper, salt, and Thyme. Season the lamb and panfry with butter and Rosemary.

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