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In a previous Blog, I profiled one of the global blackcurrant industry’s most respected researchers, Prof Mark Willems, of the University of Chichester in the United Kingdom.

Although most of Prof Willems work has focussed on blackcurrants and exercise physiology his latest published work looks at NZ Blackcurrant powder and support for healthy Blood sugar balance. This research has just been published in Functional Foods in Health and Disease 2017: 7 (7): 483-493.

The research used our Sujon Blackcurrant powder. The paper says that “regular intake of the powder may support healthy blood sugar balance in health individuals and recommends that “future work should examine the effects of regular intake of New Zealand blackcurrant.

In a future column, I’ll explain what conditions cause fruits and vegetables grown in New Zealand (especially blackcurrants grown in the South Canterbury and Motueka Nelson areas) to have a unique polyphenolic profile that may offer a range of significant human health values if included in the diet.

It is important for me to stress the following when I refer to research:

  • Research can be indicative of possible values to humans but most current research requires significant more trials before values are proven.
  • While research is being carried out people should simply enjoy blackcurrants as part of a balanced diet of many foods; especially fruits and vegetables.
  •  Our Sujon Blackcurrant powder is simply whole blackcurrants freeze dried, seeds removed, and then milled to a beautiful richly coloured powder. No additives!
  • No-one should use the above information in any way to treat themselves without discussing first with their medical professional.

Always read the label and use as directed. Supplementary to a balanced diet.

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GOODAMIT MERV looks like I’m on blackcurrant powder for life.

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From: Hugh Roberts
Sent: Friday, March 06, 2015 1:49 PM
To: Merv Randle Email
Subject: Blackcurrant Powder


It looks like I’m on blackcurrant powder for life. BP has dropped and is now absolutely normal for someone with type 2 diabetes. Blood sugar levels have dropped 10 points. The doc asked what I have done to cause this, I said I take blackcurrant powder, he said, sorry, never heard of it. I said I was told that it would lower my blood pressure and blood sugar levels. He said who told you that, I said the bloke that sold it to me. Anyway he made a note of it to google later but the proof is in the results.
The practice nurse didn’t realise I had an appointment with the doc and rang Gwenda this morning all excited when she saw the test results.
Thank HL for the milk shake lollies, I hope they are sugar free…


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Dawn Chalmers - 7 times NZ Boxing Champ is very impressed with Sujon's Blackcurrant powder

Dawn Chalmers – 7 times New Zealand Boxing Champion and aiming to box at the 2012 Olympics, has become an advocate of drinking a glass or two a day and is convinced that it is helping her training and recovery. Now there is a body of research that suggests blackcurrants is one of the best fruits for us and even good for race horses.

Being a physio as well, Dawn gets a lot of ‘potions & lotions’ to trial, and she’s taken blackcurrants in a concentrated powder form for three months and admits that she was initially doubtful they would do any good; but is very impressed with the results. Dawn said “Normally when you’re boxing with such intensity and high velocity with your punches, I get quite sore the following day, but with the blackcurrant powder its surprising how good I feel to train the next day and back it up”. Dawn is good, she’s just beaten an Aussie champ in a division above herself and she trains hard. Dawn also said “it’s cool cause its natural to and so easy to take”.

Scientist Greg Clarke- Suggests blackcurrants can have benefits for all of us.

According to a scientists who have tested blackcurrants on other athletes, Dawn is not imagining the benefits. For 2 years Scientist Greg Clarke has been testing the berries on anything from horses to basketballers to see if they improved performance and the evidence is sugggests they do. Doctor Greg Clarke said “I think one of the key things to this is the better blood flow into the working muscles. So you’re getting more oxygenated blood to those working muscles, you’re getting better clearing of the toxins produced during physical exercise”.

Dawn in training for the 2012 Olympics.

The blackcurrant has always been regarded as a superfruit, high in antioxidants and Vitamin C and scientists have worked out why they appear to have such health benefits. The reason the blackcurrant is so good for us is in its intense, deep colour. That colour is caused by a pigment in the skin known as anthocyanins and they’re believed to be responsible for increasing oxygen flow in the body. Greg Clarke said “Any berry or fruit that is coloured in purples or reds, its usually got a very high concentration of the anthocyanins in it. They appear to be a crucial part to the physiological effect of what we’ve been talking about.” And Greg says it’s not just high performance athletes who can benefit from it, he may have tested it on sports achievers, but the Japanese trialled them on typists and they too performed better and had better recovery, suggesting he says that they can have benefits for all of us… “If you want to look at what it can do for the population in general, particulary in New Zealand when there’s a high rate of diabetes, cardiovascular problems as well, which are all associated with circulation”.

The boxer and the berry, both punching above their weight.

Reference: Taken from TVNZ video

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